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Chia Wen Xuan (Private Student – Secondary 2, 2012)


Miss Tan’s lesson is always full of energy and enthusiasm. she respects every individual’s different flavours in art and emphasizes our different and very own techniques. She never hesitates to give a compliment and makes everybody feel welcomed in voicing out their own opinions. She generously shares her own experiences, stories and ideas, to help us in terms of art and life. Her lessons are always filled with laughter and warmth. I have enjoyed every single art lesson of hers that I have attended. The excitement never gets old.


Emelia Quek (Private Student – Primary 4, 2012)


Teacher Tan is a great teacher with lots of things to share. She is a nice teacher and her art skills are great.


Shi Han (Private Student – Secondary 2, 2012)


Miss Tan is a very caring teacher. She respects each of us treating everyone equally. She also accepts our views before giving us ideas of what to draw or change in our drawings. She not only teaches us art, but also helps us out with our school art work. Miss Tan also shares her experience with us so that we can learn from her. She let us voice out our opinions and does not force us to do what we do not want. She is really a very good teacher.


Tiffany Pang (Private Student – Junior College 2nd Year, 2012)


I have been learning from Miss Tan for 6 years and I have learnt a lot from her, not only drawing and having art lessons with her, she has also taught us how to be a good person and taught us many aspects of life. I am grateful for being in her class and having a great teacher like her!


Ivan Wang (Private Student – Secondary 2, 2012)


Miss Tan is like a mother to all of us. She cares about how well we are doing in school and never hesitates to lend a helping hand to any of us who is in need of help. She also shares her experiences with us to help us in anyway possible. Her lessons are very enjoyable and lively as some of us along with Miss Tan carry out small discussions on how we can improve on our drawings. When I was a small kid, I couldnt draw very well as I did not know how to. But after attending Miss Tan’s class, my drawing skills improved. Personally, I  treat Miss Tan as my ‘mother’ as she not only helps me in my art but also cares about my welfare. After being her student for 10 years, I really appreciate her hardwork and all that she has done for me.


Elaine Seah (Private Student – Junior College 2nd Year, 2012)


Ms Tan’s lessons are always interesting and full of enthusiasm. She is patient when teaching us even when I do not know much about art. I have learnt from her for about 10 years. My drawings did not look so nice previously but now, my drawings and painting have improved.


Clarissa Pang (Private Student – Secondary 4, 2012)


I have been learning from Miss Tan for about 8 years. She is always patient in teaching us. Other than drawing and painting, she also taught us how to be a good and filial person. I have enjoyed learning from her these 8 years. Her words are impactful and I will never forget it. Overall, Miss Tan is a very good teacher and I’m thankful to have her as my teacher.


Pamela Quek (Private Student – Secondary 2, 2012)


Teacher Tan is a teacher who encourages me whenever I feel that other people’s drawings are better in every way when I compare theirs with mine. She says that everybody has a different way of painting and that because I am new I would naturally feel that I am lacking in every way. She makes every lesson interesting and fun.


Chia Wen Wen (Private Student – Primary 6, 2012)


Miss Tan’s lessons are always very fun. I always look forward to her lessons every week. I’ve been under her for 9 years and she is always very caring. She always inspires us and helps us if we have any problem. She never hesitates to compliment or correct us. We joke around, and she also joins in. We laugh and have a nice day. She sometimes scolds me but I know it’s for my own good. We always have a good time together. I never regret meeting someone like her.


Brenda Ng (Private Student – Secondary 2, 2012)


Miss Tan is a teacher who always inspires me. She is very thoughtful and caring to us. she respects each student’s idea and what they think. Thanks to her that my art has improved tremendously. After learning from her for many years, I learnt many thins, not only art but others too. Her lessons are very interesting and will never get boring.


Hu Junhui (Private Student – Primary 4, 2012)


Miss Tan’s lesson is very fun. She gives me improvements on my art. When I first joined her lesson at the age of 6, my drawings were ugly. But as I continue my lessons with her, up till now, I have great improvements. I am very thankful to her.


Alvin Wang (Private Student – Secondary 1, 2012)


Ms Tan’s lesson is very interesting because not only will I be able to learn new technique on how to paint the picture but I will also be able to draw better. Through her lessons, I have improved alot in my art.


Elizabeth Quek (Private Student – Secondary 2, 2012)


I learnt alot from Teacher Tan. For the 3-4 years I’ve been learning under her, her lessons were always something to look forward to. :)


Mrs. Yue Yoke Mun (Principal of Raffles Girls’ Primary School, 2010)


Teacher Tan Siok Kiang has been our resident artist for the past nine years. Since 2002, she has worked closely with our art coordinator to deliver quality art lessons to our Primary Three students. We have since extended this programme to our Primary Four students at the beginning of 2008.

During this period of time, Teacher Tan has exhibited dedication and commitment. Despite the challenges of handling a full class of mixed ability students, she is able to cultivate their interest, impart to them skills on different mediums, maintain discipline and show care and concern to all. Teacher Tan has also been involved in our annual school art exhibition, helping us with the conceptualization and layout of the designs. Under her guidance, one of our students, Megan Lim, won the prestigious UOB Young Artist of the Year Award in 2009.

It has been a wonderful partnership these 9 years, and we wish her the very best in her future endeavours.


Mrs. Lew-Lim Lan Chin (Principal of Seng Kang Primary School, 2008)


Miss Tan Siok Kiang has been an art enrichment teacher in Seng Kang Primary School since 2005. Her art programme is one of the aesthetic initiatives of the school’s Modular Co-Curricular activities. There is high sign up rate for her programme yearly. Her pupils enjoy her lessons and often create interesting artifacts and portfolio of work after each session. She is capable of managing a similar or mixed ability group with her years of experience in art teaching.

She is very dedicated with her craft. She is not calculative with her contribution and is always willing to value-add to the school’s overall needs when called upon. During the school’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, she was actively involved in the preparation and implementation of aesthetics works and activities.

Miss Tan takes deep pride in her work. She carries out her duty with high commitment and dedication. She is focused and thorough in her delivery. She often tries to reflect on feedback givn and constantly work on to improve them.

I would strongly recommend her to any institution which requires professional works in the visual arts. She will be a great asset to the organization.


Miss Tan Siok Cheng (Principal of Raffles Girls’ Primary School, 2007)


Raffles Girls’ Primary School has engaged Miss Tan Siok Kiang, who is NAFA trained, for the past few years as an Art teacher. She is very professional in her work. She enjoys teaching children. She has don a good job of exposing our Primary Three pupils to a variety of interesting art mediums and developing their creative skills. She is caring, passionate, and committed. She is an effective Art teacher. The pupils enjoy her lessons and have benefited much under her tutelage. She is also a resource person to the staff in Raffles Girls’ Primary School, offering advice and guidance in Art activities besides conducting training sessions for our Art teachers.


Mrs. Lew-Lim Lan Chin (Parent of Althea, Astrid and Annette Lew)


I have known Miss Tan Siok Kiang as a parent for the last four years. All my three daughters, aged 3, 5 and 7, are under her guidance for art lessons in a Residents’ Committee Centre at Tampines.

As an art teacher, I found Siok Kiang highly responsible, enthusiastic, highly spirited and imaginative. She is very skilful in managing the children. what amazed me is her ability to teach children of different age groups and abilities at the same time. Her pupils are given the scope to expand their creativity regardless of their artistic maturity. She is resourceful in her teaching and is always able to keep the children engaged throughout the lesson.

Siok Kiang’s warm-hearted and sincere disposition have put her in good stead as a teacher. She has real concern for what others think or want and try to handle things with due regard for the other’s feelings. She is able to facilitate the children and enable them to achieve their potential in art.

As a parent, I would fully entrust my children under Siok Kiang’s guidance. She is popular with other parents and have always maintained integrity and honesty in her dealings.


Mr. Chee Poh Kheong, Jackson (Chairman of Pasir Ris South Zone ‘2’ Residents’ Committee, 2000)


Miss Tan Siok Kiang is an able and conscientious teacher who is well-liked by her students. She contributes substantially to the promotion of Arts among the young children in the estate.